Spia Keylogger

Learn everything you typed into your computer and your network

The keylogger Spia's s3c Sistemas is a program whose purpose is to record everything that is typed on the keyboard of the computer

Invisible program
Undetectable by anti-virus, scanners and anti-spywares
Password protected
Simple interface
It can be enabled and disabled at any time (v 1.3) (v 2.1)
Enter the information being confidential and encrypted
It has configuration of the keys to be tracked
It has capture the URL's of Web sites
It has capture the two sides of the Windows Messenger conversations
It has configuration for permission or blocking the sites on the Internet
It has settings for the capture of screens timer (Screen Logger) (v 2.1) (v 2.2)
It has settings for the capture of screens when the mouse is clicked (Screen Logger) (v 2.1) (v 2.2)
It has sent the logs with settings for time:
Email (v1.3) (v1.4) (v2.1) (v2.2)
FTP(File Transfer Protocol) (v1.4) (v2.2)
LAN/Intranet(Local Area Network) (v1.4) (v2.2)

It has technical support msn online spia_suporte@hotmail.com
It has technical support by e-mail spia_suporte@s3c.com.br

The new versions are reported to whom the purchase

For details visit: http://www.s3c.com.br/spia/usa.html

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